Bear Rank

The Bear rank is for Scouts entering 3rd grade as of June 1. To earn the Bear badge, a Scout must complete six required adventures and one elective adventure. The Scout’s parent or guardian and Den Leader approves each requirement by signing the Scout’s book, and the Scout receives an adventure loop for each adventure. When the Scout has met all requirements, they are presented the Bear badge during an impressive ceremony.

Bear Advancement Requirements

  1. Complete the six Bear Required Adventures.

  2. Complete one Bear Elective Adventure of your den or family’s choosing.

  3. With your parent or guardian, complete the exercises in the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide.

  4. Earn the Cyber Chip award for your age (or the Protect Yourself Rules Preview Adventure in its place).

Bear Required Adventures

Council Baloo the Builder

Bear Claws

Bear Necessities

Fellowship and Duty to God

Fur, Feathers and Ferns

Paws for Action (Duty to Country)

Bear Elective Adventures

After earning the Bear badge, a Bear Scout can work on the remaining 12 Bear electives until finished with the third grade (or turning 10 years old).

The Scout can choose elective adventures and discover new hobbies or learn skills that will be useful during the Scouting adventure. When an elective adventure is completed, an additional adventure loop to be worn on the belt is awarded.

A Bear Goes Fishing

A World of Sound

Bear Picnic Basket

Beat of the Drum

Critter Care


Grin and Bear It

Make It Move

Marble Madness

Roaring Laughter


Salmon Run

Super Science

Belt Loops can be earned by any Cub Scout. Belt loops and pins are a great way to help fulfill the aims of Scouting—build character, develop citizenship, and encourage mental and physical fitness.

Through a variety of subjects, you can stretch your mind and abilities by exploring the wonders of science, learning about the world, and expanding skills in new areas. This is a chance to try something new, do your best, and earn recognition all at the same time.