Webelos Woods

Where all Webelos enjoy an activity-filled day visiting with Troops within the Matinecock District. You will spend time meeting Scouts and Scoutmasters in from Huntington to Commack. It is a great way to experience camping with Troops and help making a decision when it comes time to bridge.

Friday, Sept. 30 at 5 p.m. to Sunday, Oct. 2, 2022 at noon

The District is anticipating a normal Webelos Woods this year. Space is limited to Webelos and parents/guardians (siblings are not allowed). This event is rain or shine. Dress for the weather!

Webelos Woods Details

Seminary of the Immaculate Conception
440 West Neck Road
Huntington, NY 11743

Your Den Leaders will be notified that your Scout is signed up for Webelos Woods. They will reach out to you about coordinating what items to bring.

Tell Me More!

Webelos Woods is a great opportunity for Scouts to work on the many requirements necessary to earn their Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks. It's also a good time for them to become more independent as they prepare to move on to Scouts BSA. Parents and Leaders should expect Scouts to:

  • Prepare themselves and their belongings for the weekend

  • Help with meal planning and preparation

  • Follow fire safety rules around any campfires

  • Visit with Scouts BSA Troops

  • Practice "Leave No Trace"

Choosing a Troop – What to Find Out

Use the questions below as well the guide and evaluation forms to help you and your Scout in the troop decision-making process.

Troop Activity/Presentation at Webelos Woods

  • What was the Troop campsite like?

  • Do the Scouts run the presentation?

  • Was the activity/presentation fun?

  • Did all the Scouts in the Troop participate and what were non-participants doing?

About the Troop

  • When do they meet? (day of week / time)

  • Where do they meet?

  • How large is this Troop? (6-100+ Scouts)

  • Is the Troop active? Going places and doing things?

  • What is the Troop’s age ratio of the Scouts? Mixture of ages from 11 to 17 years old?

  • Is this a Scout lead troop? Do the older Scouts (leaders) help the new (younger) Scouts?

  • Does this Troop have a good reputation in the Community? Is it an old or a new troop?

  • Who are the Adult Leaders? (Important) Am I comfortable with the adult leaders?

  • How many active leaders are there?

Outdoor Program

  • What is the Troop’s Outdoor Activity Program? (Car camping, backpacking, hiking, travel, adventure, nature)

  • How frequent are (camping, hiking, backpacking) trips? Which weekend does the Troop normally go camping during the month?

  • Where does the Troop go to summer camp? When? (Name(s) Dates)

  • How frequent are Patrol Activities weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?

  • Do you know anyone in the Troop?

  • Are any friends also looking at this Troop?

Parental Involvement

  • Will I, as a parent, be able to help the Troop?

  • Will I, as a parent, be required to help the Troop as a condition of joining?

  • Do I, as a parent, have to go on all the camp outs/activities?

  • Does the Troop have a problem if I want to go on camp out/activities?

  • Can Moms go camping?

Parental Concerns

  • What do I think about the Troop and the adult leaders?

  • Is my child comfortable around these leaders? (Very Important)

  • Can this Troop deliver a quality Scouts BSA Program for my child and friends?

  • How much is all this going to cost?

  • How do I sign my child up?

Other Questions

  • How often is your court of honor?

  • What fundraisers do you participate in?

  • What other fees can be expected besides yearly dues?

  • How often are board of revues?

And remember: If you join and don’t like the troop, you can switch any time!