Popcorn Fundrasing

Every pack and troop hosts fundraisers to support and add value to their program. Pack 406 hosts only one fundraiser a year: Popcorn!

Selling popcorn teaches our Cub Scouts how to interact with people in their community, show responsibility, and be recognized for their efforts. The proceeds help Pack 406 run many fun events for our Cub Scouts and their families.

Each Scout Sells:


Goal for 2022:


2022 Fundraising Program

Show and Sells

Show and sells return for 2022!

Wagon Sales & Take Orders

  • Use the Trail’s End App to sell to local family, friends, and neighbors — anyone who wants to support Scouting!

  • All orders will be distributed to Scouts via Den leaders. Scouts are responsible to deliver to friends and family.

  • Take orders must be recorded in the app by October 29, 2022

  • Take orders will need to be picked up from your den leader by the weekend of November 21, 2022

Online Sales

  • Log in to your Scout’s Trail’s End account via computer or the Trail’s End app.

  • Customize your Scout’s page by going to “Manage Page.” You can add pictures, choose your favorite Trail’s End product, and tell your family and friends why they should support Scouting.

  • Products are shipped directly. Look for free shipping specials!

  • There are more products online to choose from. (Note heat sensitive items only ship in October.)

  • Start your page off with this: “Help me and Cub Scout Pack 406 continue to give back to the South Huntington community while having great adventures.”

Popcorn Kickoff 2022 (September Pack Meeting)

Popcorn 2022 Kick Off Presentation

Prize Incentives

2022 Pack 406 Prizes

Highest Individual Seller:

  • 1st place: Complimentary registration for Alpine Summer Camp

Highest Selling Den:

  • 1st place: Pizza party paid for by Pack 406

  • Popcorn party for all sellers, e.g., roller skating

Please note: The winner is based on average sales per scout.

2022 Trail's End Prizes

Buy the prizes you want with an Amazon.com gift card!

To redeem your Amazon.com gift card, Scouts must have a registered Trail's End account at www.trails-end.com.

Popcorn top sellers who sell $1,000 gets a prize from council—to be announced!

Trails End Resources

Value of Selling Popcorn

Learn about the value the Trail's End fundraiser can bring to Scout families, and the basics of selling popcorn.

3 Simple Steps for Success

Learn these three simple steps for fundraising success. Don't forget to practice your sales speech!