Registration takes place biannually at our fall or spring open house events, but Cub Scouts can join at any time during the year!

For New Scouts

These four items must be submitted together. We ask that you print it out and hand in to the Pack Committee Chair:

New Scouts can join at any time! Dues, health form, insurance card copies, and dues must be submitted with the application.

For Current Scouts

These three items must be submitted together by November 1 of the current year:

2024 Yearly Dues

New Scout: $205
Renewal: $180

Registration Details & Forms

Important Notes

The Suffolk County Council requires the Medical & Health Form with a copy of insurance ID card (front and back) to accompany all new applications. If the Health & Medical Form is not with the new application, Cub Scouts are not permitted to attend any scout function, including pack and den meetings, outings, and events. No exceptions will be made.

Registration is complete until all required documents are received in complete form.

If you have questions about registration or renewal, just contact the Pack 406 Committee Chair at