About Cub Scouts

We’re glad your family has joined Scouting or is considering it. Cub Scouts offers life-changing experiences that youth and parents simply cannot get anywhere else.

When you’re a kid, fun comes first. Final exams, drivers ed, and summer jobs will arrive soon enough. Cub Scouts lets kids have fun while teaching them skills that will help them later on.

From the thrill of shooting an arrow to learning how to transform a block of wood into a race car, Cub Scouts is one thrill after another. With a program tailored to match each age in a young person's life, Cub Scouts learn that even when fun isn’t easy, it is always an adventure. In Scouting, everything has a purpose. And it shows kids that doing their best is the most fun of all.

When you're ready to join Pack 406, please just email us at pack406li@gmail.com and we will get you started!

5 Questions About Cub Scouts

We understand that some families may have a lot of questions about Cub Scouts — and that's great! This video answers some of the five most common questions about Cub Scouts. And be sure to check out the New Cub Scout Family Guide.

Scouting is For my Family

We’re glad your family has joined Scouting or is considering it. Cub Scouts offers life-changing experiences that youth and parents simply cannot get anywhere else. We hope you and your child will have a great adventure with Cub Scout Pack 406.

What Do Cub Scouts Do?

Listen to a few Cub Scouts tell you all about what it's like to be a Cub Scout (spoiler: it's awesome). Pack 406 does all of this — and more. We welcome boys and girls Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Join us!

Seven Goals of Cub Scouts

Cub Scouting uses seven specific methods to achieve Scouting's aims of helping boys and young adults build character, train in the responsibilities of citizenship, and develop personal fitness.

1. The Ideal

The Scout Oath, the Scout Law, and the Cub Scout sign, handshake, motto, and salute all teach good citizenship and contribute to a child’s sense of belonging.

2. The Den

Children like to belong to a group. The Den is the place where they learn new skills and develop interests in new things. They have fun in Den meetings, during indoor and outdoor activities, and on field trips. As part of a smaller group of Scouts, they are able to learn sportsmanship and good citizenship. They learn how to get along with others. They learn how to do their best, not just for themselves but also for the Den.

3. Advancement

Recognition is important to children. The advancement plan provides fun for them, gives them a sense of personal achievement as they earn achievements, and strengthens family understanding as adult family members work with them on advancement projects.

4. Family Involvement

Family involvement is an essential part of Cub Scouting.

5. Activities

In Cub Scouting, children participate in a wide variety of Den and Pack activities, such as games, projects, skits, stunts, songs, outdoor activities, and trips.

6. Home & Neighborhood Centered

Cub Scouting meetings and activities happen in urban areas, in rural communities, in large cities, in small towns—wherever boys live.

7. The Uniform

The Lion Cub, Cub Scout, and Webelos Scout uniforms help build pride, loyalty, and self-respect. Wearing the uniform to all Den and Pack meetings and activities also encourages a neat appearance, a sense of belonging, and good behavior.